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Guardianship Services, Inc.

We are Mid-Michigan's longest serving guardianship organization. We began in 1982 serving families in need of guardianship and conservatorship services. Mid-Michigan Guardianship has grown to become a recognized and trusted provider of social services in the area. We serve many counties in the area including: Ingham, Eaton, Clinton, Gratiot, Ionia, Montcalm, Shiawassee, and Livingston. Knowledgeable clinical support coordinators, coupled with superb financial and legal support staff, make MMGS the ideal choice for all areas of assistance.



Conservatorship is similar to guardianship in that it is a legal relationship between a protected person and one or more individuals appointed by the court to make decisions on behalf of the protected person. However, while a guardianship may encompass all personal affairs of a protected person, a conservatorship is limited to the management of the property and financial affairs of a protected person. As with guardianship, a conservatorship may be full, limited, temporary, or joint.  [2]

Special needs trusts are often established to receive an inheritance or personal injury settlement proceeds on behalf of a disabled person or are founded from the proceeds of compensation for criminal injuries, litigation or insurance. The power of attorney is frequently used in the event of a principal's illness or disability, or when the principal can't be present to sign necessary legal documents for financial transactions.

A guardian is an entity appointed by a probate court and given power and responsibility to make certain decisions about the care of another individual. These decisions might include treatment decisions or where the individual should live. If the individual has a reduced life expectancy due to advanced illness, the guardian may have power to make an informed decision on behalf of the individual regarding receiving, continuing, discontinuing, or refusing medical treatment.  [1]

Improving the quality of life for people in need of guardianship and alternative protective services by promoting and preserving their independence and dignity.

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